Why we're different or “Have you ever?”
Have you ever called your temporary service and been told your employment counselor is no longer there?

At PE our internal staff has longevity unprecedented in the employment industry. Each PE employment specialist has been in the industry for no less than 15 years. Internal staff turnover is a non-issue. You will never be just a number or a name. We pride ourselves on building long term relationships that last for years.

Have you ever asked for a job with "no phones" and wound up on a trading floor with a phone bank full of them ringing off the hook?

Our experienced staff listens to the wants and needs of our temporary employees and carefully matches skills and personal requirements with available positions.
Have you ever asked for off-shift evening and weekend work and only been offered day shift positions?

PE is a 24-hour, 7 day a week operation. We place qualified employees in positions on all shifts.

Have you ever told the service you are working with that you are in a show for a month and receive messages daily that there is work for you?

PE has a unique database that gives us up-to-the-minute availability on all of our employees. We are able to instruct our computer system to tell us when you are not available so you will not be bothered by unnecessary phone calls. In addition we are also able to instruct our database to remind us when you become available again. One phone call from you is all we need to set the status of your schedule for months to come.

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